Private Client Services

Private Wealth Management

We provide comprehensive private wealth management solutions and family office services. As a fiduciary, KDK PWM works with clients collaboratively to gain a keen understanding of their financial affairs to develop a plan of execution.

Personalization and risk management are at the core of our work. We utilize industry-leading, state-of-the-art planning tools and technology  that enable us to analyze and develop client specific recommendations.

Our clients invest in risk-managed, tax-managed, multi-asset class portfolios, combining cost-efficient beta exposure and alpha-oriented alternative investments. Each asset allocation is specific to the client’s personal financial position, needs and risk tolerance.

Financial Planning

Tax & Estate Planning

Investment Management & Reporting


Reporting and Consulting Services

Serving as a critical support and infrastructure partner, we leverage our access and expertise in investment reporting and consulting in accordance with our reporting-only fee schedule.

Investment Philosophy

We develop customized portfolios that thoughtfully and cost effectively create multi-asset class exposure with risk management at the forefront of our investment process.

We ensure our clients benefit fully from the extremely cost-efficient beta exposure available today, particularly in large, liquid traditional asset classes.

We look for alpha generation potential through curated access to non-marketable alternative/private investments that offer enhanced return and/or cash flow potential.

Portfolio Construction

Portfolio construction focuses on allocating assets to best-in-breed managers and strategies with diversification at the forefront. In addition to public equities and fixed income, when appropriate our clients access thoughtful non-marketable alternative/private investment solutions that are not found at most product-oriented financial institutions. The result is a portfolio allocated across multiple asset classes populated with a diverse mix of active and passive solutions designed to deliver positive risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle.

Public Equities

  • Target broad market return/risk profile with cost efficiency
  • Seek out both “active“ and “passive” solutions
  • KDK PWM monitors and adjusts boundaries

Fixed Income

  • Target broad market return/risk with cost efficiency
  • Cost-efficient access to individual credits and solutions
  • Manage interest rate risk, security risk

Private Investments

  • Source opportunities for cash flow and upside
  • KDK PWM will devote significant energy to sourcing deal flow


  • Highly flexible and transparent reporting
  • Ability to integrate outside accounts for a complete wealth picture
  • Addepar is our performance management and data aggregation engine